4 Considerations to Make Before Buying a Tradesman Trailer

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For many tradesmen, their trailers are vital tools that help them every day. Trailers can help you store and transport everything you need to get your work done quickly and effectively. Why waste time returning to your storage area to collect an essential tool when you can pack your tools and equipment into your tradesman trailer at the start of the day and have everything you need close at hand throughout the working day?

If you are planning to look at tradesman trailers before buying one then you will need to give some thought to exactly how you plan to use your new trailer. How big should the trailer be and what features of the trailer are most important to your business? Here are four questions you should be able to answer before you buy new tradesman trailers.

What size do tradesman trailers need to be?

When thinking about the size of your new trailer it is always a good idea to opt for a trailer that is a little bigger than you think you might need. Start by working out what you normally want to carry and then think about what circumstances might increase your load. You don't want to find that you buy a new tool and then have nowhere to store it or cannot transport it without leaving other vital pieces of kit behind.

What do tradesman trailers look like?

It is possible to have a custom made trailer created specifically for your business but for most tradesmen, this shouldn't be needed. Tradesman trailers can often be modified from a standard design so you can get what you are looking for without designing your own trailer from first principles. Whether you want a removable lid with a canopy on your trailers or completely enclosed plant trailers most suppliers will be able to accommodate you.

Standard features on tradesman aluminium trailers normally include lift up doors with gas struts, extended 3-way drawers, either a tapered or square trailer top. You may also find LED lights, ladder racks and other helpful features.

Optional upgrades could be almost anything you want. The trailer can become a workspace, a compressor room, a storage area or whatever you need.

Some suggestions might include:

  • Compressor box
  • Side workbenches
  • Shelving
  • Slide out drawers
  • Subdivided walls

How reliable is the trailer?

Whether you want excavator trailers, plant trailers, or simply a storage area for your tools, you must be confident that your trailer won't let you down. Never buy a trailer without inspecting the workmanship of the company and ensuring that you are purchasing from a reputable supplier. Don't forget to ask what guarantees are supplied with their tradesman trailers and what servicing options are available from the supplier.

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