A Guide on Long-Term Airport Parking

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If you are travelling for a few days or weeks, you should consider utilising airport parking facilities. Some people are usually sceptical about leaving their cars in public parking for a few days. However, you have nothing to fear as most airport parking is secure. This article provides a few tips for people who require long-term airport parking facilities. 

Preparing for long term parking.

Preferably, take your car for a wash before you park it. Food leftovers in your car could go bad and leave a foul smell. Besides, they can also attract pests such as cockroaches in your vehicle. Do not leave important documents or valuables in your vehicle. Ensure that you inflate your tires, including the spare tire, to the right pressure to avoid flat tires. If you will travel for a few weeks, it would be worthwhile to invest in a car cover to protect your vehicle's paint from weathering. Also, intruders will not be able to see what you leave inside the car. 


Some airports offer online booking services, while others serve travellers on a first-come-first-served basis. When booking your parking slot, ensure that you inquire about the facility's cancellation policy. For instance, some airports will allow you to cancel your booking up to two hours before your check-in time. If you cancel later than this, you will not get a refund.

Costs and packages. 

Long-term parking is usually moderately priced in most airports. Some airports will charge you per hour for the first twenty-four hours. After that, you pay a standard charge. Other airports have special long-term parking facilities. If you park in the short-term parking facility for an extended period, you will pay more. 

Arriving at the airport. 

Arrive at the airport at least an hour before your flight leaves. In such a way, you have adequate time to look for an excellent parking slot and cover your car. Some long-term parking facilities are located far from the terminals. However, most airports will provide shuttle services to the terminal.

Off-airport parking facilities.  

Some companies and hotels offer long-term parking facilities outside the airport. Most of these companies allow you to book a parking slot online. This is a preferable option during holidays when you suspect that airport facilities may be full. Some companies may have indoor parking facilities and free shuttle services to the airport. 

Long-term airport parking facilities are best suited for people travelling for a few days or weeks. Make adequate preparations, check the booking policy, inquire about the various packages, arrive early and consider off-airport parking.  

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