Tips When Chartering a Bus for School Trips

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Bus charter services can help make school trips fun and memorable. This excerpt discusses the various considerations that one should make when chartering a bus for a school trip. 

Type of bus. 

The number of people travelling will determine the size of the bus you will hire. However, it is best that you hire a coach with extra facilities such as LCD screens, Wi-Fi, reclining seats and a lavatory. These features help to increase the comfort of students during the trip. 


Provide the charter company with an itinerary of your trip. This should include the pick-up locations, the destination and stopovers. The management may advise you to change the route to avoid poor weather and traffic jams. Stop over at areas where students can take beautiful photographs and buy supplies for the trip.


The bus that you charter must be safe. Below are a few tips to help you when evaluating its safety:

  • Ask for a recent inspection report or the bus service records.
  • The bus should have a comprehensive insurance cover.
  • The driver must be qualified and experienced in long-distance travel.
  • Look out for safety features such as seat belts, air brakes and emergency exits.
  • If you are travelling for long distances, ask the company to provide you with two drivers to avoid overworking the driver.

Tracking software. 

Some bus charter companies have tracking software that informs schools and parents whether students are on the bus. Students are provided with cards which they have to swipe every time they board or exit the bus. The data from these cards is transmitted to a portal. Such services can help improve the comfort of parents back at home.


Inform the group of their expected conduct during the trip. For instance, they should avoid behaviours that may distract the driver. They should not walk on the aisles when the bus is moving. Tell them what items are restricted on the bus. For example, they should not bring pets or consume alcohol on the bus. Ask the group to be time-conscious to ensure that you reach your destination on time. 


Bus charter services might be busy during peak seasons. As such, it is best that you book your bus a few weeks before the trip. Reserve the coach from a company that has a friendly cancellation policy. 

When considering bus charter for school trips, make adequate preparations, choose a bus with extra features, make safety a priority, integrate tracking software, ask the students to be disciplined and book early to avoid frustrations. 

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