Personal Driver Hire: A Guide for Business Executives

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A personal driver gives you the convenience of enjoying your business trip. You get time to contact your associates and confirm the details of your business dealings. In this excerpt, you will learn the various considerations that business executives should make during personal driver hire. 


Your driver should be experienced in both defensive and offensive driving skills. Inquire if the driver has any experience in driving your type of car. High-end vehicles have a variety of systems that may require some amount of skill to operate.


It is vital to ask for referrals when looking for a personal driver. Remember that you will be sharing your personal space with him or her. As such, the driver will often overhear personal and business conversations. You would not want someone who will spill your secrets to business competitors and gossip pages. Call his or her previous employers and inquire about the individual's character. Also, conduct a background check to ensure that the driver does not have a criminal history. 

Extra skills. 

Some personal drivers have various skills that can drastically improve the quality of services that they provide. For instance, a private driver who has worked as a bodyguard can help keep you and your family members secure. On the other hand, a personal driver who is a mechanic can help you save on car repair and maintenance. As a business executive, you will benefit from a driver who is fluent in several languages. 


Since you will spend a considerable amount of time with the driver, it is important to evaluate his or her personality before hiring him or her. The driver should be an excellent communicator, a critical and creative thinker. The driver should also be organised and a good time manager. In such a way, he or she can help you manage your diary. 

Costs and working conditions. 

Some drivers charge per hour while others would not mind a monthly salary. Inquire from your driver if he or she is comfortable working on weekends and at night. Also, inform the driver of his or her expected conduct. For instance, you may require him or her to wear suits when you are going for business meetings. Explain to the driver the conditions under which he or she may get fired. If the driver agrees to these terms, ask a lawyer to draft an employment contract.

Finally, do not forget to reward your driver with bonuses for a job well done. 

When considering a personal driver hire, consider his or her experience, referrals, extra skills, personality, costs and working conditions. 

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